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Law Of Attraction – Money, Love and Affirmations

Law of Attraction Tips, Affirmations and Quotes For Money,Love and Respect from Oprah

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Many years ago, one of the wealthiest men on earth, Andrew Carnegie,invited a new author, a young Napoleon Hill, to sit in on his special insider business meetings with himself and some of the other wealthiest people in America.

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Carnegie asked Hill to document and describe in great detail what these wealthy and ‘successful’ people did, said – and, more importantly, HOW they did and said it, that allowed them to manifest success in almost all areas of their lives and seemingly bring their every dream into reality.

So Napoleon Hill got to work and asked these very wealthy gentlemen what they thought about when they had a specific desire in mind.

Louise Hay - the queen of affirmations

Louise Hay

*Was their thought purely visual?
*Were they hearing sounds at the same time?
*How important was feeling an emotion during the visualization?
*Was the image coming toward them or moving away from them?
*How do you keep the visualization in mind and not let it fade away?
*How important is it to write things down?etc

Esther Hicks - she educates people on their mind power

Esther Hicks/Abraham

So Hill put all these details and techniques in the manuscript for his new book, The “Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons”. But…when one of the multi-billionaires, Henry Ford, found out about the soon-to-be-released book he hit the roof! He did not want this information released to the public. He ordered the book be massively watered down. So it was. And Think And Grow Rich was released instead.

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I admit it. I could lose a few pounds.

Law of Attraction Affirmations

Dr Joe Vitale from the hit movie, ‘The Secret‘, was one of the first people to point this out.  How would it feel to have the Law Of Attraction working FOR you instead of AGAINST you? It’s always at work anyway. Notice how people who complain constantly always have mediocre lives?

You know when you think of someone and immediately the phone rings…and it’s them? That’s proof of law of attraction, in my opinion. A law of attraction fluke we’ve all done.

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You need a vision board. Can you guess why? It’s because if you aren’t looking at images of what you desire then your current crummy reality is your vision board. So get one or be prepared to use your imagination and visualisation power a lot more than most normal people. Set an alarm that reminds you to imagine your desires every hour. Do more than you’re paid to do and eventually you’ll be paid more for what you do.

What did I learn from all these teachings? When you’re starting out and you don’t really believe in it too deeply, I know I didn’t, you shouldn’t really focus on anything too massive. You should concentrate on things you can believe in.

If you can’t see yourself living in a castle with thousands of butlers at your beck and call then you won’t really focus on it too powerfully or for long enough…so it won’t come in to your life. So focus on things you can believe in, at first. Then, as those things arrive, your belief increases and your  ‘powers’ get more…powerful.

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So what did I get out of it? The first time I used it the next day I got a phone call offering me a job that netted me 1000 dollars. I had made the call looking for work a few days before so it certainly was COINCIDENTAL that after I focused for 90 seconds I get the sort of money I was focusing on!

The next time I used it a few days later I my ex girlfriend contacted me on facebook. She and her new boyfriend wanted me to run a year long event for them. So i did. Another one of those COINCIDENCES!

In July of this year I remember walking through the car park, to my car(obviously), while chanting silently, with a smile on my face, “Why is so much money coming to me so quickly? Why is so much money coming to me so quickly?“.

Later that day I got a phone call that I was owed money because a project I had worked on in 2004 had been sold to another country. So the writers guild were going to send me a cheque for several hundred dollars.

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Hopefully you’ve learned some something about law of attraction affirmations.

Pete E

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