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Is There Some ‘Law Of Attraction’ Training Out There Somewhere?

your thoughts are powerful

Yep. I’m gonna get sued.

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Law of Attraction Training? Law of Attraction Instruction? Law of Attraction advice? Is there?

Of course there is. But the fact is we’re all already using the law of attraction every day like absolute masters to attract mediocrity and average-iosity(that’s patented) into our lives.

How much time do we spend holding onto good images and feelings of a successful and happy future? Not much. We let thoughts ‘happen’ to us. Very few people actually ‘design’ their thoughts.

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{Money Love and Affirmations}

Most people spend more time planning a family vacation than planning where they want to end up in life. Do you think Donald Trump lets random mediocrity happen to him? I doubt it. Have you seen his wife?

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So is it all about how to attract things with your mind? Is this how I learn how to attract money into your life?

Yes. But it’s not really attraction per se(whatever per se means).

‘Attraction’ is just holding onto a thought. The ‘thought’ is what does the attraction because it is an electrical pathway in your brain that is being strengthened the more you repeat it. All electrical pathways and circuits have a magnetic pull and polarity to them.

That’s why some(or any) Law Of Attraction training will give us an unfair advantage in life! You’ve got “nothing to lose”.

Obviously you’d expect me to say that.

When I say you have nothing to lose, I mean that the training is guaranteed – but this system may not be for everyone. Here’s an alternative that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

So what did I personally get from Joe’s ideas and this law of attractiony stuff? First I’ll tell you what I learned…in point form.

Point 1.

What did I learn? When you’re starting out and you don’t really believe in it too deeply, which I didn’t, you shouldn’t really focus on anything too massive. You should concentrate on things you can believe in.

Point 2.

If you can’t see yourself living in a castle with thousands of butlers at your beck and call then you won’t really focus on it too powerfully or for long enough…so it won’t come in to your life. So focus on things you can believe in, at first. Then, as those things arrive, your belief increases and your  ‘powers’ get more…powerful.

OK. Here’s the good stuff.

So what did I get out of it? The first time I used it the next day I got a phone call offering me a job that netted me 1000 dollars. I had made the call looking for work a few days before so it certainly was COINCIDENTAL that after I focused for 90 seconds I get the sort of money I was focusing on!

Yes.90 seconds. It took me ages to realise that if 90 seconds was so successful why not try lengthening that time. But it took me ages to come to that realisation. Anyway…’LOST’ was on and getting really confusing!

It was an interesting feeling speaking to my future boss on the phone,thinking all the while,”I know why you called. I know why you called!”.

I used it again a few days later and within a day my ex girlfriend contacted me on facebook. She and her new boyfriend wanted me to run a year long event for them. A weekly public speaking hosting gig that I really enjoyed. Another one of those COINCIDENCES!

In July of this year I remember walking through the car park, to my car(obviously), while chanting silently, with a smile on my face, “Why is so much money coming to me so quickly? Why is so much money coming to me so quickly?“. I was experimenting, you could say. Would it work?

Later that day I got a phone call that I was owed money because a project I had worked on in 2004 had been sold to another country. A country I had never heard of…Spain . So the writers guild were going to send me a cheque for several hundred dollars. I was happy to learn that ‘success’ or surprises don’t always need to take 30 days or 90 days. I had always wondered why it supposedly

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took 30 days or 60 days to ‘make a change in your life’!

Did you know there’s also something you can drink that increases the power of your thoughts? I give myself credit for discovering it because I was convinced my mercury fillings were giving me brain fog…AND THEY WERE! Well, I did have brain fog at the very least, most probably put there by the fillings…who knows? Send me an email at

Ask me for any tips too. I have a few instructions on how to speed up the law of attraction, or as I call it, the LOA.

book that explains the 'law of attraction'

Dr Robert Anthony’s Law Of Deliberate Creation       Ultimate Abundance

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Pete E

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